In Feb 2009 the team of School TB Clubs Project visited Government Girls Higher Secondary School Sialkot Cantt for awareness campaign and establishing TB club. The team delivered an awareness lecture and distributed the flyers about TB, urging school children to join hands in the fight against TB. The lecture was attended by more than 500 students, in which students were told about the symptoms and preventive measures regarding TB and were introduced to the school TB clubs project and its aims, objectives and activities.

My name is Sana Ashraf and I live in Sialkot.I am the student of 10th class in Government Girls Higher Secondary School Sialkot Cantt and also the member of IHS School TB Clubs Project.

In my neighbor Aunty  had cough  from past two to three weeks with other signs and symptoms like, low grade fever, blood in sputum , weight loss and poor appetite.
As the IHS School TB Clubs Project team visited our school and taught us about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis. I thought that may be Aunty is suffering from tuberculosis.

Sana Ashraf said,

“The IHS School TB Clubs Project arranged a program on TB in our school. I also participated in the program where I came to know about TB and the hospital where TB can be diagnosed. As my Neighbor Aunty symptoms were like the one discussed, I guessed my brother might have TB”

As a result of the information provided by the IHS School TB Clubs Project team, Sana Ashraf (A member of School TB Clubs Project) was able to link her Neighbor symptoms to those associated with TB.

The IHS School TB Clubs Project’s slogans, “TB is Curable” and “Stop TB to Cure TB” held true to its claim. After recognizing the signs and symptoms of TB in Aunty, Sana Ashraf convinced her for checkup to hospital for professional opinion and recommendations.

When I told aunty about the symptoms of tuberculosis, she ignored this and told me not to discuss this sort of thing. She also told that “TB is not a curable disease”.
But I was certain that about the TB symptoms. She was agreed with me and promise for checkup.

Then she visited the Government hospital, where he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She was shocked and was weaping on this, I assured her not to be worried because “TB is a curable disease”.  

I told aunty if she has to take medicine regularly for eight months, and not to stop medicine even for a single day. Now aunty is having medicine regulary and I hope she will get well soon (Inshallah).

Me and my aunty are very thankful to Integrated Health Services for their efforts in stopping TB.

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